LÉ ​NIAMH Replaces LÉ Eithne in the Med

Irish Navy’s Flagship LÉ EITHNE returned ​from​ her search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean on Friday 17 July.

Commanded by Commander Pearse O’Donnell, the 68 sailors of the LÉ EITHNE, augmented by 2 medics from the Army Medical Corps, deployed on the 16th of May to the Meditteranean where they successfully rescued 3376 persons over 22 operations in cooperation with the Italian Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre.

The​ LÉ ​NIAMH has replaced the LÉ Eithne in the Mediterranean and​ ​​will ​continue to ​provide ​a​ssistance to persons in distress at sea in accordance with the provisions of international conventions governing search and rescue situations.

Image: Irish Defence Forces


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