US Navy CNO Releases Future Navigation Plan

US Navy Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Jonathan Greenert on Monday released a document that highlights the U.S. Navy’s intended track and investments for the next five fiscal years.

In the document Greenert said:

This year’s navigation plan highlights our Navy’s key investments, which support missions and functions outlined in the defense strategic guidance (DSG).

Our mandate is to be where it matters, when it matters, ready to respond to crises and ensure the security that underpins our global economy.

Greenert’s 2016-2020 Navigation Plan defines how the Navy will use its resources to safely and effectively pursue the vision detailed in Sailing Directions.

Each year since Greenert released the Sailing Directions the Navigation Plan has described the annual Navy’s budget submission for the future years.

In the plan Greenert explains the requirement to the four enduring functions around which the Navy has historically organized, trained and equipped: deterrence, sea control, power projection and maritime security, as well as capabilities related to a new fifth function, all domain access. This plan highlights how investments will support Navy missions through the lens of the three tenets: Warfighting First, Operate Forward and Be Ready.

Additionally, the Navigation Plan summarizes the six programmatic priorities that guided the Navy’s budget planning for the future of the fleet: maintaining a credible, modern and survivable sea-based strategic deterrent, sustain forward presence, distributed globally in places that count, develop the capability and capacity to win decisively, focus on critical afloat and ashore readiness to ensure the┬áNavy is adequately funded and ready, enhance the Navy’s asymmetric capabilities in the physical domains as well as in cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum and sustain a relevant industrial base, particularly in shipbuilding.

Image: US Navy