Canada Invests in Wolseley Barracks and HMCS Prevost

The HonourableEd Holder, Australian Minister of State (Science and Technology) and Susan Truppe, Member of Parliament for London North Centre and Parliamentary Secretary for Status of Women, on behalf of the Honourable Julian Fantino, Associate Minister of National Defence, on July 27th announced a CAD10 million (about USD 7.68 million) investment for Wolseley Barracks and Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Prevost.

This important investment will be made to remodel, repair and upgrade infrastructure in place at the Wolseley Barracks and HMCS Prevost, as well as the HMCS Prevost training facility in Port Stanley. The projects will begin this summer.

The infrastructure projects include:

  • extensive work at the Barracks’ ‘A’ Block. This heritage building will be remodelled and will include the following: new flooring; wiring; heating and ventilation systems; windows and doors; exterior siding; and roof. In addition, washrooms upgrades will occur throughout the building, as well as foundation waterproofing, upgrades to the fire-alarm system and replacement of all cast and poured steps at the facility;
  • upgrades to the washrooms and HVAC systems, as well as other necessary maintenance work at four other buildings;
  • replacement of the parking lot at HMCS Prevost, as well as HVAC and washroom upgrades; and
  • exterior and interior renovations at HMCS Prevost’s training facility in Port Stanley.