Head of Royal Navy Pays Visit to Reservists in Scotland

The head of the Royal Navy Admiral Sir George Zambellas visited reservists in Scotland where he presented a medal and gave an address to the assembled sailors.
HMS Scotia is based in Rosyth, and is the East of Scotland’s Royal Naval Reserve unit which has around 100 members of the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR).

Together with colleagues from their Dundee satellite unit, Tay Division, they formed up on the parade ground to welcome the professional head of the Royal Navy.

During his speech Adm Zambellas highlighted the exciting future for the Royal Navy especially with the building of the two new aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales which are being fitted out in Rosyth.

He also presented Edinburgh-based chartered accountant Lieutenant Felicity Chisholm with her Volunteer Reserves Service Medal in recognition of 10 years of service to the RNR.

“My reserve commitment is a hugely important part of my life,” said Lt Chisholm. “To have my medal presented to me by the First Sea Lord is an honour and has made this significant milestone even more special.”

Following the award presentation Adm Zambellas toured the unit observing drill night training activities including medical, fire-fighting and weapons handling as well as a Command, Leadership and Management exercise.

These are key components of the naval training received by all reservists, in addition to their specialist role training, so that they are fully prepared to join the Royal Navy on operations.

Image: Royal Navy