UK and Egyptian Naval Vessels Train Together

Royal Navy warship HMS Bangor has been working out with the Egyptian Navy warship ENS Al Zaffer – the first joint UK and Egyptian naval training in over three years.

HMS Bangor, a Sandown Class mine-hunter, sailed with ENS Al Zaffer, a Jianghu I class destroyer, from the home of the Egyptian Red Sea Fleet, Safaga, to conduct Exercise Safaga Shark.

The exercise – planned by the two ships – included a range of training serials to develop cooperation and coordination at sea.

Bangor paid a short visit to Safaga before the two ships navigated out of port whilst under simulated attack from a Fast Patrol Boat, played by an Egyptian Navy patrol boat.

Once clear, Bangor joined Al Zaffer to commence Officer of the Watch manoeuvres, a series of ship stationing exercises that require good communications and skilful ship coordination.

Throughout the exercises the two ships communicated by radio and by flags.

After this the emphasis moved to a common situation faced by ships on the high sea – dealing with an emergency and giving assistance.

For exercise purposes Al Zaffer reported a casualty onboard who needed assistance and Bangor went to help.

The exercise came after Bangor visited Alexandria – the first Royal Navy ship to visit the Egyptian port city since 2009.

HMS Bangor continues her deployment and will arrive in the Gulf later in the summer.

Once there she will be one of four Royal Navy mine-hunters working from Bahrain to provide maritime security and be ready to protect the shipping routes in the Persian Gulf region.

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Image: Royal Navy