LÉ NIAMH Rescues Further 125 Migrants

In another Mediterranean Sea migrant rescue mission the Irish Navy’s LÉ NIAMH saved 125 people from a highly overloaded inflatable vessel in distress 115 kilometres north-west of Tripoli.

The vessel departed Palermo on Sunday morning to return to its area of operations and now has 125 rescued migrants on board (92 male, 26 female and 7 children) who are receiving water, food and medical assistance where required.

Soon after conducing this mission, LÉ NIAMH was re-tasked to take a further estimated 375 persons from the Italian vessel the MIMBELLI, after which the vessel was directed to the nearest safe Italian port.

The LÉ NIAMH, with a crew of 57 personnel, including two Army medics, was deployed to OPERATION PONTUS on July 10.

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Image: Irish Defence Forces