UK Navy Ships Help Remote Islanders

Two UK Navy’s Naval Service ships have just visited the most remote island in the world where they helped islanders carry out two years work in just a few days.

As part of her nine month deployment the Portsmouth based frigate HMS Lancaster visited Tristan Da Cunha and was joined there by Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ship Gold Rover.

The visit was exceptionally busy for both vessels, especially for Lancaster’s Wildcat helicopter and crew, who flew essential stores around the island to remote areas.

In total both ships helped islanders lift and shift equipment and supplies that would have take two years of manual work.

Tristan Da Cunha is located approximately 1,750 miles away from South Africa, and 1,500 miles away from the nearest land mass – the island of St Helena – which makes it the most remote inhabited island in the world.

HMS Lancaster is half way through a nine month deployment. So far the ship and her crew have travelled 22,000 miles with 10 port visits over three continents.

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Image: Royal Navy

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