US Navy’s EOD Team Trains at Naval Base Guam

US Navy’s Technical Support Detachment (TSD) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel – along with FBI special agent bomb technicians – conducted underwater post-blast investigation training at Naval Base Guam, July 27-31.

The week-long training is based on an FBI course which includes surface and underwater events such as assessing the underwater detonation/blast field, locating, mapping and collecting evidence and surveying the water’s edge, beach and dry land for debris.

A ship’s hull with blast damage was constructed to teach EOD technicians and first responders how to investigate an underwater post-blast scene.

Upon completion of the dive, technicians examined the evidence for fingerprints and DNA and attempted to reconstruct the explosive device to retrieve technical intelligence, such as its explosive weight, how it fired and functioned. The teams also assessed the ship’s hull for damage criteria and weapons effects analysis.

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Image: US Navy