USFF Visits Historic French Tall Ship Hermione

Members of the U.S. Fleet Forces (USFF) Logistics Support Unit (LSU) took advantage of an extremely rare opportunity to visit the recently constructed French tall ship Hermione June 6, shortly after the ship completed its maiden voyage to the United States from France.

The original ship bearing the same name was used by Maj. Gen. Gilbert du Motier and Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette, during a trip to Boston in 1780 to report then secret news of French support for the American Revolution.

The original Hermione was constructed in only 11 months in 1779; however, the modern-day Hermione took 17 years to construct using 18th century shipbuilding techniques with the intent for it to be an exact replica of the original. This endeavor cost approximately $30 million. It successfully completed sea trials last October and set sale for the U.S. in April 2015.

Hermione first stopped in Yorktown on June 4 before continuing up the East Coast for historically significant port visits in both Mt. Vernon and Alexandria, Virginia; Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ultimately in New York City where the ship joined in a grand Fourth of July celebration. Hermione’s port visit schedule after New York included visits to Greenport, New York; Newport, Rhode Island; Boston, Massachusetts and Castine, Maine.

Hermione is scheduled to visit additional major ports along the East Coast during the next few months.

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Image: US Navy