USS Carl Vinson Begins Its Maintenance Period

The crew on board the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) put on hard hats and safety goggles to commence a Chief of Naval Operations planned incremental availability (PIA) period, Aug. 14, just two months after returning to its homeport in San Diego following a near 10-month deployment.

According to Mark Warner, Carl Vinson maintenance program manager, one of the primary efforts is updating the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES), the computer network on board, to help maintain the projected 50-year service life of the ship.

The ship is receiving more than $300 million worth of improvements over the next six months during this availability.

Many Vinson Sailors will be temporarily reassigned to teams focused on specific maintenance to include painting, tiling, or watertight doors, to garner expertise and assure these maintenance tasks are completed on time.

Coordination and teamwork between the crew and their civilian counterparts is absolutely critical to the success of the maintenance period, Thomas added.

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Image: US Navy