HMS Portland Invites Friends Aboard

The Royal Navy warship HMS Portland treated special guests to a day at sea off the SW coast.

The exciting and informative event for the Plymouth-based frigate’s friends and primarily Dorset-based affiliated organisations demonstrated just the versatility and world-beating ability of the Royal Navy.

Visitors were shown how the sailors live and work on board and how skilled they are in carrying out multi-roles in maintaining the Royal Navy’s all-year-round global role in defending the UK and her allies.

The day started when they embarked in Devonport Naval Base hosted onboard by many members of the ship’s company, from the most junior ratings to officers.

HMS Portland is one of thirteen Type 23, Duke Class frigates serving in the Royal Navy. The class frigate is the mainstay of the surface fleet in the modern Royal Navy. The frigate is a fast, manoeuvrable craft, required to scout ahead of the main fleet and is, compared with similar ships serving in other navies, heavily armed.

Image: Royal Navy

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