DCNS Floats French Navy’s Next FREMM Frigate

DCNS has floated the French Navy’s FREMM multi-mission frigate Auvergne in Lorient on September 2.

The FREMM Auvergne is the sixth frigate in the programme and fourth of the series ordered by OCCAr[i] on behalf of the DGA (the French defence procurement agency) for the French Navy.

With three FREMMs currently under construction in DCNS’ Lorient site, DCNS is accelerating the production speed in order to deliver six FREMMs to the French Navy before mid-2019. Two additional frigates equipped with strengthened anti-aircraft capacities will be delivered before 2022. Two further units have also been sold to international clients; The Royal Moroccan Navy and the Egyptian Navy.

DCNS commenced construction of the FREMM Auvergne in August 2012. This frigate will be operated by a crew of 108 (half that required for the frigates of the previous generation).

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Image: DCNS