USS Shoup First to Get Remote Halocarbon Alarm

First DDG 51 Class Remote Halocarbon Alarm has been installed on USS Shoup (DDG 86) in August.

Halocarbon compounds are chemicals used as refrigerants in Navy ships and tend to accumulate because they don’t readily degrade in natural environments. Incineration and accidental fires can create corrosive byproducts and poisons.

Brett Franks, machinery alteration program manager, said:

This installation provides the emergency egress hatch of the A/C machinery and pump room compartment with a remote halocarbon monitor alarm to warn personnel of hazardous environmental conditions within the space.

The new alarm warning beacon ties directly to the main halocarbon alarm in the A/C plant. The beacon is a remote audible/visual alarm at the hatch location directly linked to the in-space monitor so anyone entering the egress area receives a warning if a gas leak has contaminated the air.

DDGs 51-112 are scheduled to receive the new alarm installation. It will only take two days to install and can be done pierside.

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Image: US Navy