Northern Coasts 2015 in Full Swing

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The international exercise Northern Coasts 2015 has started September 12 and will last until September 24. Participating in the exercise are 40 ships and vessels as well as eleven airplanes from 17 nations with around 3800 soldiers.

The host country of this year’s Northern Coasts is Germany with Fleet Admiral Georg von Maltzan at the helm. According to the German Navy, the Admiral is leading the exercise from the Maritime Operations Center (MOC) in Glücksburg.

Germany, as the host country, is taking part in the exercise with almost 1000 soldiers from various branches of the army. The German Navy is deploying eight ships including helicopters and a P-3c Orion.

The essential goal of the exercise is international conflict prevention and crisis response. Participants will practice the collaboration of different military units in an international environment. The area of operation is enclosed by the shores of Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

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Naval Today Staff, Image: German Navy

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