USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Ends CART II Certification

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The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) completed the Command Assessment of Readiness and Training Phase Two (CART II) certification, Sept. 16.

CART II, part of the basic phase in the optimized fleet response plan (OFRP), is the second of four phases that comprise Ike’s training cycle and an opportunity for the crew to demonstrate greater proficiency and readiness for at-sea operations.

Cmdr. J. Darrick Poe, Ike’s training officer, said:

In CART I, we looked internally at our training programs across the command.

We did a self-assessment of how we looked. This time, in CART II, we had an outside entity, the Afloat Training Group (ATG), look at a lot of the same things.

ATG assesses training teams on their ability to train the crew during an assortment of drills, including medical casualties, general quarters responses, and the launching and recovering of aircraft.

With the conclusion of CART II, the ship enters the Tailored Ship’s Training Availability and Final Evaluation Problem (TSTA/FEP) process. During TSTA/FEP, the crew will stress the limits of their casualty response capabilities during a 25 day underway.

Image: US Navy

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