HMAS Melbourne Gets Busy on Operation MANITOU

Australian Navy’s HMAS Melbourne is hard at work on her first Operation MANITOU patrol of her current deployment with the multi-national Combined Maritime Forces in the Middle East and northern Indian Ocean.

This is Melbourne’s eighth deployment to the Middle East and her second deployment with the Combined Maritime Forces in the past two years.

Initially Melbourne rendezvoused at sea with her sister ship HMAS Newcastle, where a series of helicopter transfers were conducted so key personnel from both ships could meet and conduct an operational handover. The opportunity was also taken to conduct a series of underway ship handling manoeuvres.

Melbourne next berthed in the Middle East to finalise operational preparations, training and logistics re-supply, after which the vessel started her first patrol.

HMAS Melbourne is deployed on Operation MANITOU, supporting efforts to counter the trade of narcotics on the seas, the procedures of which help fund international terrorism.

Image: Australian Navy