OXIDE 2015 Focuses on Counter Piracy Efforts

Interdepartmental and international Maritime Exercise OXIDE 2015 is currently underway in Richards Bay, South Africa, during the period from September 21 to October 2.

The Exercise, held between the South Indian Ocean French Forces, stationed at La Reunion, and the South African National Defence Force every two years, is part of an effort of protecting trade routes in the Mozambican channel from piracy.

Maritime and air capability demonstration will be conducted within the Port of Richards Bay, off Naval Island. The demonstration will be a simulation of how South African and French military forces will work together to counter piracy at sea.

The demonstration will entail a mock pirate attack on a “passenger liner” followed by maritime
interdiction operations Military assets will include the South African Naval Marines and divers, South African Special Forces, South African Air Force Oryx Helicopter and C47 Maritime Surveillance Air Craft, French CASA CN 235, Panther helicopter as well as a parachute group.

The SA Navy Offshore Patrol Vessel, SAS ISAAC DYOBHA will simulate a passenger liner.

Image: SA Navy