British Naval Vessels Train with SA Navy Sub

Two British Naval vessels have sailed from Simon’s Town for a four day training period with a South African Navy submarine.

With the rugged South African coastline providing the background, the frigate HMS Lancaster and Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel RFA Gold Rover sailed with Type 209 Diesel Electric submarine Queen Modjadji. The two British ships and the submarine engaged in a series of intermediate and advanced anti submarine drills.

Throughout the exercise Lancaster’s Wildcat Helicopter “Voodoo” maintained an eye in the sky helping the surface vessels locate their elusive underwater foe and then simulate the dropping of stingray torpedoes onto the submarine’s location. Lancaster had a number of South African Navy submariners embarked to observe the training from a surface perspective.

Both RFA Gold Rover and HMS Lancaster were in Simon’s Town for a leave and maintenance period.

Now six months into her nine month deployment, Lancaster is materially sound and ready for the final leg of her journey which will see her visit 10 more ports with a busy schedule of maritime security and defence engagement.

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Image: Royal Navy