Japanese Sailors Train Boarding Ops With US Navy

Japanese sailors took part in a modified version of the training U.S. Navy Sailors receive to learn the skills needed to perform safe and effective boarding operations at sea.

The training took place at Pearl Harbor from September 24 to 26.

Sailors from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) ships JS Hyuga (DDH 181) and JS Ashigara (DDG 178), thirty-two in all, took part in the training. Defensive tactics, tactical team movements, and room clearing procedures were among the many topics covered over the course of three-days.

To enhance realism, a majority of the training took place in the Force Protection Ship Simulator (FPSS), commonly referred to as “Ship in a Box.” The FPSS is a ship mock-up complete with berthing areas, crews lounge, an engineering plant, a dining area, medical facilities and cargo holds.

The mission of the JMSDF is to respond to threats and diverse situations faced by the nation of Japan. According to the JMSDF website, its mission also includes providing proactive efforts to improve the international security environment.

U.S. Navy boarding teams are comprised of an all-volunteer force that undergoes specialized training known as non-compliant boarding visit board search and seizure (NCB VBSS). The training prepares teams to execute the mission of VBSS around the world.

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Image: US Navy

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