Spanish frigate ESPS Canarias officially joined EUNAVFOR MED on October 5, 2015.

The Spanish ship reached the European mission flag-ship, the Italian aircraft vessel Cavour, in the military harbor of Augusta, in Sicily, early in the morning, spending an entire briefing-day on board to complete the procedures and organizational deployment set up into the European Task Force.

The Frigate Canarias (F-86) is a sixth ‘Santa María’ class frigate, carrying 202 crew persons and “Tweety”, a SH-60B Seahawk helicopter, specially equipped for intelligence patrolling and surveillance flights.

Operation EUNAVFOR MED will move to its second phase today, October 7, which would allow for the boarding, search, seizure and diversion of smugglers’ vessels on the high seas under the conditions provided for by applicable international law.

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Image: EEAS