LÉ Samuel Beckett Carries Out First SAR

In its first mission, Irish Navy’s LÉ Samuel Beckett was tasked by the Italian Marine Rescue Co-Ordination Centre (IMRCC) to investigate a wooden craft sighted by an Italian naval helicopter 80 kilometers north west of Tripoli Oct. 5.

Another Irish ship, LÉ Niamh, located the vessel and commenced a rescue operation shortly thereafter, taking approximately 242​ persons on board.

All people embarked have received food, water and medical attention where required. The LÉ Samuel Beckett is working alongside the Royal Navy multi-role survey vessel HMS Enterprise.​

Since commencing operations in the Mediterranean with Operation Pontus, the LÉ Eithne and LÉ Niamh​ ​rescued 7​397​ people.

The LÉ Samuel Beckett deployed to Operation Pontus on Friday, September 25. This is the third Irish Naval Service vessel to deploy to the area of operations. It has a crew of 59 personnel, including an Army and Air Corps medic and is commanded by Lieutenant Commander Anthony Geraghty.

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Image: Irish Defence Forces