Ducommun Bags Deal for Trident Navigation System

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Ducommun Incorporated received a multi-year award from the Boeing Company to produce position sensors, also known as resolvers, for the U.S. Navy’s and U.K. Navy’s Trident Navigation System (Electrostatically Supported Gyro Navigator) used on U.S. Ohio-class and U.K. Vanguard-class submarines.

Ducommun will manufacture the resolvers at its Carson, Calif., operation center through 2017.

Anthony J. Reardon, chairman and chief executive officer, said:

We designed and manufactured the original sensors in the early years of Polaris and Poseidon submarines, so we’re particularly pleased to continue to provide these motion control devices for the Navy’s Trident nuclear submarine fleet.

The Navy’s Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines, often referred to as “boomers,” are designed specifically for stealth and the precise delivery of warheads. There are currently 18 of these vessels being used by the U.S. and U.K.

Image: Royal Navy

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