Fallon: UK Comitted to Successor Sub Programme

The UK Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, affirmed the Government’s commitment to the Successor submarine programme at a reception in the House of Commons yesterday, Oct 21.

Speaking at the House of Commons, Fallon announced that the government is committed to building four Successor ballistic missile submarines to replace the four Vanguard vessels so as to retain the continuous at sea nuclear deterrent patrols.

He elaborated his announcement by saying that the UK’s national security would be at risk if the new generation of nuclear submarines goes over budget or encounters delays.

Mentioning an “expansionist Russia” increasing its fleet of ballistic missile submarines and North Korea conducting nuclear tests and ballistic missiles tests, the Defence Secretary added that the country’s “first duty is protection of the UK”.

Fallon called on national decision-makers and industry leaders to support the Trident programme describing the project as one of biggest the UK has ever implemented.

Building four 16,000 tonnes submarines is a national endeavour. It is a project that is around nearly twice the budget of Crossrail. It is around three times the budget of the London Olympics.

Image: BAE Systems