Belgian Frigate Meets Op Sophia Flagship

After a pre-deployment training underway from Belgium, frigate F930 Leopold I joined EUNAVFOR MED – Operation Sophia Flagship Cavour on the 16th of October.

Before heading towards the assigned areas at sea, Commanding Officer, Captain Luc De Maesschalck, and key functionaries of Leopold I were welcomed on board Cavour by the Force Commander, Italian Navy Rear Admiral (LH) Andrea Gueglio, and the Chief of International Staff, Spanish Navy Captain Abel Romero, for the initial coordination briefing.

The whole picture and setting of the mission was explained over different topics and mission perspective by the staff member different cell coordinators.
Afterwards, the Force Commander joined Leopold I where the Commanding Officer briefed him on the frigate’s capacities and capability, guiding him into a ship tour.

In the afternoon, as a multifunctional and flexible asset, F930 Leopold 1 has trained its professional knowhow by conducting a smuggler craft interception simulation, involving “Bluebird” helicopter and the boarding team towards the target, in strict coordination with the Flagship Cavour.