HMS Richmond, SNS Triglav Round Off Op Sophia Task Force

British HMS Richmond and the Slovenian SNS Triglav completed their first integration training in EUNAVFOR Med Operation Sophia, October 23.

By joining the Operation Sophia, the two ships have now made the Task Force complete for the second phase in high seas.

On board the Italian Aircraft Carrier Cavour, the mission flagship, the Force Commander international staff key-function officers illustrated mission main tactical issues, with particular emphasis to the 2nd phase of the Operation, started last October 7, during which suspected smugglers vessels can be boarded, searched, seized and diverted on the high seas in accordance with the international law.

At the end of the integration day of the last two ships, foreseen for second phase of Operation Sophia, the Force Commander, Italian Navy Rear Admiral (LH) Andrea Gueglio, met the two delegations.

Image: UK Government

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