LE Samuel Beckett: 218 Migrants Brought to Safety

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Irish patrol vessel LÉ Samuel Beckett located a 12 metre rubber craft 64km North East of Tripoli and commenced a rescue operation at 5 am Irish time, taking approximately 85 persons on board.

Shortly thereafter, the LÉ Samuel Beckett located another 12 metre rubber craft with approximately 133 persons on board.

The Naval Service vessel now has 218 migrants on board receiving food, water and medical attention where required and is continuing to patrol the area.

This is the third rescue operation the vessel has undertaken.

On October 5, LÉ Samuel Beckett rescued 242 persons from a wooden craft 93km North West of Tripoli and subsequently embarked a further 232 persons from another rescue vessel bringing them to the port of Vibo in Italy.

On October 15, the patrol vessel rescued 102 persons from an inflatable craft 50km North East of Tripoli.

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Image: Irish Navy

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