HMA Ships Team Up for Asian Deployment

HMA Ships Stuart and Arunta, usually based on opposite sides of Australia, met when they were both in Busan, South Korea.

Since departing Fleet Base West in late August, Arunta has had a busy program exercising and conducting visits to India, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan. Stuart’s crew had similarly travelled from Yokosuka, Japan having participated in the Japanese International Fleet Review.

The review showcased the latest assets of the Republic of Korea Navy fleet, and culminated in a simulated attack on a submarine from maritime aircraft which included the launching of missiles and torpedos.

The two ships will now team up to form an Australian Task Group and conduct the rest of their North East Asian deployment in company, with replenishment ship HMAS Sirius to join up in several weeks time as well.

Stuart and Arunta are both Anzac class frigates capable of air defence, surface and undersea warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction. They are currently undertaking a North East Asia deployment to Japan, South Korea and China.

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Image: Australian Navy

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