Igor Belousov Concludes Sea Trials

Sea trials of the rescue vessel Igor Belousov, built for the Russian Navy, were held in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea.

The ship arrived in St. Petersburg to prepare for the state tests, which are scheduled for the second half of November this year.

During sea trials, the diving bell was checked at great depths, and the parameters of all the constituent elements of the deep-sea diving complex GVK-450 were also checked in accordance with the procedures of submariner-rescue actions.

The onboard deep-water search-and-rescue platform Bester-1 was part of the interdepartmental tests, as well as the long-distance tele-controlled underwater search-and-rescue platform, Pantera Plus, which dove to its maximum working depth.

Rescue vessel Igor Belousov is scheduled to join the Russian Navy by the end of 2015, after it completes the state trials.

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Image: Russian Navy