Croatian Navy Fires Second Anti-Ship Missile

The Croatian Navy has conducted its second firing of an RBS15 anti-ship missile this year. The test took place at the beginning of October in the waters off Dugi Otok in the Adriatic Sea.

Earlier this year, in May, Croatia conducted an RBS15 test firing from one of its land-based launchers. The October firing was conducted by a vessel of the Croatian Navy and was part of the wider Exercise Joint Force 15, held in the Eugen Kvaternik military training area, Slunj, and on the naval ranges at Dugi Otok.

The missile was fired from the Kralj-class missile boat Dmitar Zvonimir. It was Croatia’s first firing of an RBS15 from a warship since 1994.

General Drago Lovric, Chief of General Staff of the Croatian Army, said:

The RBS15 missile is the primary armament of our missile gunboats and the firing of this missile indicates the purpose of the existence and the ability of these gunboats.

The RBS15 in its latest version, the RBS15 Mk3, is a  surface-launched missile that can be integrated on ships, land batteries and mobile launchers.

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Image: SAAB

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