German Frigate Ends Operation Sophia Mission

The German frigate FGS Schleswig-Holstein concluded its mission as part of the EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia’s Task Force.

The vessel set sail back home on October 31, after spending 122 days deployed in the Central Mediterranean Sea.

During her 4 months on task, the German frigate conducted more than 60 hailing to suspect vessels and 5 rescue operations saving the lives of 1385 migrants. Among these was baby Sophia, born on board the ship on August 22, 2015, off the coast of Libya, and after whom the mission was named.

Following a decision by the EU Political and Security Committee on 28 September, on 7 October Operation EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia moved to the second phase, where suspected smugglers vessels can be boarded, searched, seized and diverted on the high seas in accordance with the international law.