HMAS Choules Remembers the Fallen

Australian Navy’s HMAS Choules, at sea, conducted a clear lower deck on her flight deck, to commemorate Remembrance Day yesterday.

Commanding Officer, Commander Chris Aulmann highlighted the significance of Remembrance Day and the sacrifice of the hundreds of thousands of men who enlisted to fight, and the thousands women who also enlisted and served over seas.

The allied nations choose this day and time for the commemoration of their war dead and the symbolic burial of those who were lost beyond the wire and never recovered, or entombed with their sunken ships.

HMAS Choules is a Landing Ship Dock, weighing in at 16,000 tonnes, she is 176 metres long and is capable of carrying up to 700 troops in an overload capacity as well as 23 Main Battle Tanks, 150 Light Trucks, Landing Craft and various Navy and Army helicopters including the MRH-90 and Army’s Black Hawk.