Spanish Navy Organizes Multinational Exercise

Spanish Navy will organize a multinational cooperation exercise with merchant units  from November 17-26.

The exercise will be conducted from the Maritime Action headquarters in Cartagena, Spain.

The exercise will consist of interaction with the merchant traffic to coordinate shipping movements with scheduled maritime security operations like counter-terrorist or counter-piracy activities.

The area considered includes the Iberian Peninsula and the Atlantic and Mediterranean approaches.

The Spanish Navy participates with the Maritime Action HQ and Command Staffs from the Canary and Balearic Islands. The units will embark reservists purposely activated for this exercise.

In agreement with the international commitments signed by Spain and its allies, other units in Athens (Greece), Bergen (Norway), Marmaris (Turkey) and Toulon (France) will also participate in coordination with Cartagena, simulating to be in Spanish ports controlling the traffic in the designated areas.

Spannish Navy Organizes Multinational Exercise2

Images: Spanish Navy