Danish, Korean Vessels Maneuver at Sea

Danish Navy ship HDMS Absalon and the Republic of Korea Navy ship ROKS Chungmugong joined forces for mutual training in the Gulf of Oman this week.

The sea training began with replenishment-at-sea (RAS) navigation manoeuvres.

HDMS Absalon made the first of these manoeuvres with ROKS Chungmugong standing in for a large tanker. HDMS Absalon made her approach before the roles were reversed with the Danish ship playing the role of the tanker and ROKS Chungmugong making its own approach.

The RAS manoeuvres were followed by helicopter cross deck manoeuvres, where the two navy ships alternated between transferring and receiving personnel via helicopter. These evolutions were less challenging since both the Danish ship and the Republic of Korea ship operate Lynx helicopters.

The training session concluded with a visit by the Commanding Officer of Chungmugong, Captain Jae-Man Yoo, to the Commanding Officer of Absalon, Commander S.G. Per Moll Petersen, onboard the Danish vessel.

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Image: NATO