Op Sophia Vessels Save 290 Off Lybia

290 migrants were rescued at sea from three dinghies off the coast of Lybia on November 24.

With the contribution of the Spanish aircraft Cisne10 Orion P3, that spotted one of the dinghies during a patrol and surveillance flight, the German supply ship FGS Berlin and the British frigate HMS Enterprise saved respectively 236 and 54 migrants.

Furthermore, 116 migrants were transferred on board the FGS Berlin from the Italian Ship ITS Duilio, part of the Mare Sicuro Operation.

A day before, on November 23, Operation Sophia fleet farewelled the British frigate HMS Richmond and the French frigate FS Courbet. The vessels had spent two months within Operation Sophia prior to their departure.

During the time spent in the operation, HMS Richmond actively participated in the rescue of 234 migrants, while FS Courbet saved 80 people.

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Image: Royal Navy

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