German, Turkish Navy Train in Aksaz, Turkey

German, Turkish Navy Train in Aksaz, Turkey

The German frigate FGS Hamburg, SNMG2 flagship, sailed into the Turkish navy base Aksaz two weeks ago to train with the Turkish Navy.

Shortly thereafter, the joint at-sea training with the Turkish Navy’s frigate TCG Gaziantep commenced.

After participating in the NATO’s exercise Trident Juncture in October and November, the FGS Hamburg sailed through the majority of the Mediterranean Sea and transited the passage on Santorini Islands before sailing into Aksaz, Turkey on November 14.

In the following two days, the crews of both ships attended a seminar at the naval base. At the same time, the planning of the at-sea training phase with different units of the Turkish Navy was completed.

The at-sea phase, then, commenced on November 18, with TCG Gaziantep, FGS Hamburg and frigate TCG Yavuz taking to sea. The first exercise consisted of responding to simulated speedboat attacks which was followed by a maneuvering exercise.

Also, Turkish F-4 Phantom and F-16 fighter jets simulated air attacks during an air-defence exercise. The participation of a Turkish submarine during a night exercise allowed the ship’s operating rooms to train location and submarine warfare.

On November 20, all units returned to the base. Four days later, FGS Hamburg and TCG Yavuz sailed for Souda, Greece, where they will train with the Greek Navy.

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Naval Today Staff, Image: German Navy