Royal Moroccan Navy picks Damen for its interceptor vessels

Following the delivery of a water-making platform, a frigate and a tug, the Royal Moroccan Navy has now placed an order with Damen for five interceptor vessels.

The Interceptor 1503 vessels will be mobilised to combat illegal activities such as terrorism and smuggling in Moroccan waters.

According to Damen, the Interceptor 1503 can reach speeds of up to 60 knots, a speed attained by combining a propulsion system with three diesel engines with lightweight composite materials.

The hull is constructed from fibre reinforced plastic in an epoxy resin matrix.

The vessels are suited for tracking down and taking appropriate action on illegal activities, the Interceptors have additional space in the cockpit for search and rescue survivors.

All five Interceptor 1503 vessels will be constructed at Damen’s composite vessel construction yard. The company said the first vessel will be delivered in June 2016, followed thereafter by one vessel every six weeks.

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