‘Charles de Gaulle’ commander on board FGS Augsburg

The German frigate is currently on a mission to support the French aircraft carrier in his efforts against the Islamic State terror group in Syria.

The two ships recently conducted a replenishment at sea maneuver with the U.S Navy’s replenishment oiler USNS Laramie.

After the maneuver was complete, a helicopter embarked on FGS Augsburg landed on the deck of the French aircraft carrier.

The helicopter’s task was to transfer FS Charles de Gaulle Commander René-Jean Crignola to the German frigate where he was ceremonially welcomed by the ship’s crew.

This was the first time the Admiral visited the German ship. After he was briefed about the frigate’s capabilities, Admiral Crignola toured the ship’s deck and operations room.

Apart from commanding Charles de Gaulle, Admiral Crignola is also commander of the Task Force 473 which is the carrier’s strike group. The group consists of the carrier, two French, one British and one German frigate.