Mediterranean Op Sophia receives new air assets

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EUNAVFOR Med operation Sophia air units have recently been augmented by the Hellenic Air Force aircraft Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C and a Spanish Navy AB-212 Helicopter.

The Greek aircraft, based in the Hellenic Air Force Base of Elefsis in Greece, is an airborne Command and Control Platform with the capability of participation in air and surface operations while the AB-212 Helicopter, embarked on the Spanish frigate ESPS Canarias, has replaced the SH-60 Helicopter which joined EUNAVFOR Med together with the Spanish ship last October 5.

The Embraer airplane is a 30-meter wingspan aircraft which flies at a maximum speed of 0.75 Mach.

Today EUNAVFOR Med operation Sophia Task Force can count on 3 Helicopters, 2 Italian EH101 embarked on ITS Garibaldi, and the Spanish AB-212 embarked on ESPS Canarias, the Greek aircraft Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C, based in Greece.

The operation further disposes of 3 additional aircraft based in Sigonella (Italy): the French Falcon 50, the Luxemburg SW3 Merlin III and the Spanish P3 Orion.

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