GALLERY: Royal Canadian Navy in 2015

The Royal Canadian Navy released its selection of photos picturing the Navy’s assets serving at home and abroad during 2015.

The remote and extreme regions the Royal Canadian Navy operates in have allowed for stunning photos to be taken by the crews of the Navy ships.

The RCN fleet, divided between the Atlantic (Halifax, Nova Scottia) and Pacific (Esquimalt, British Columbia) coasts, is composed of 33 warships, submarines, and coastal defence vessels, plus many more auxiliary and support vessels.

The Royal Canadian Navy is directed through Naval Staff Headquarters by the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy whose mission is to lead the strategic development and generation of Combat Capable Multi-purpose Maritime Forces and to provide advice in support of Maritime operations.

Three formations – Maritime Forces Pacific, Maritime Forces Atlantic, and the Naval Reserve – are directly responsible to the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Images: Royal Canadian Navy


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