Russian Navy receives new rescue vessel

The Russian Navy will hold a flag-raising ceremony for its latest rescue vessel Igor Belousov today, December 25 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Igor Belousov was built by the Russian shipbuilding company, Admiralty Shipyards, and is intended for the rescue of distressed submarine crews.

It is equiped with a deep-water search-and-rescue platform, the Bester-1, which is capable of performing different search-and-rescue operations at depths of up to 700 meters, as the company said.

Other facilities include a deep-sea diving complex which dives to 450 meters, a decompression system for 60 drivers and a diving post at a depth of 60 meters. The company further said that the ship’s ROV dives up to 1000 meters.

According to the Navy, all systems and search-and-rescue assets of the ship have been checked in the Atlantic and Baltic Sea conditions during the state trials and the ship is now ready for service.

Naval Today Staff