Colombian Navy: 87 tonnes of cocaine seized in 2015

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According to the Colombian Navy’s facts and figures for 2015, cocaine interdiction alone allowed the navy to prevent $2 billion dollars from reaching the pockets of narco-terrorist groups.

The Navy seized nearly 87 tons of cocaine and four semi-submersible transport craft. Considering that the construction of a semi-submersible can cost between US $ 500,000 and a million dollars, this represents a significant blow to the drug-trafficking organizations.

Additionally, more than 468.391 litres of liquid chemicals and over 196 tons of solid material drug-inputs have been seized in 2015.

According to the Navy, 157 crystallizing laboratories and 69 improvised kitchens for the production of alkaloids were destroyed in a controlled manner. Also, 624 hectares of illicit coca crops were eradicated.

During the operations of the Colombian Navy, 465 firearms were seized. Also, 351 grenades of different types, over 64,000 cartridges of different calibre and more than 7.5 tons of explosives were confiscated.

As for the protection of natural resources, 479 illegal fishing vessels have been immobilized for not complying with the standards set by the Colombian National Maritime Authority.


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