Iranian rockets fly dangerously near USS Harry S. Truman

Iranian Revolutionary Guards fired a missile that came within 1.500 yards of the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman.

The incident which was reported by NBC news occurred last week in the Strait of Hormuz.

A U.S. military official told NBC News an Iranian navy fast and short attack craft began conducting a live-fire exercise at the same time the carrier was nearing the end of the Strait, firing off several unguided rockets.

Accompanying the aircraft carrier were a French frigate and the U.S. destroyer USS Buckley.

It was also noted that the attack was not aimed at the aircraft carrier or other vessels but the action was described as “unnecessarily provocative and unsafe.”

The USS Harry S. Truman was en route to the Persian Gulf where its fighter jets conducted first flights against the terrorist organization in Syria on December 29.

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Naval Today Staff