Colombian Navy seizes 548 kg of cocaine

With information provided by the National Police, Colombian National Army units managed to seize 548 kilograms of cocaine in the area of ​​Puerto Granados, in the town of Bahia Solano – Choco.

The Colombian Navy said the seized shipment was intended to be exported from the country by sea.

Had the contraband reached the streets, it would have brought the traffickers over 18 million dollars through micro-trafficking.

Troops from Infantry Battalion 23 and Coast Guard units, intercepted a boat named ‘Adrián Michel’ with seven men on board. During the operation, the staff of the Navy inspected the vessel and found a total of 531 rectangular packages in the machine room.

The seized material was transferred to the Marine Battalion No 23 in Bahia Solano where it tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride. The total weight of the contraband was 548 kilograms and had an estimated market value of around $18 million.