10 sailors detained by Iran rejoin US Navy

Ten U.S. Navy Sailors from the Coastal Riverine Squadron 3 who were detained by Iran after sailing into Iranian waters on January 12 concluded the process of reintegration into the U.S Navy.

They completed Phase III, the final reintegration phase on January 26.

During this phase, the sailors were reunited with their families, received ongoing medical care and were provided various levels of support.

Rear Admiral Frank Morneau from Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, who oversaw the third phase, said: “The Sailors are in good health and we have determined they can return to duty,” said . “They will report to their unit here tomorrow and participate in the ongoing investigation and normal post-deployment duties as assigned.”

The 10 Sailors began the three-phased reintegration process in theater immediately following their release, January 13. The focus of Phase I was to ensure the immediate health and safety of the Sailors.

During Phase II, Sailors completed their medical exams and received structured briefings. Upon arrival in San Diego, January 22, the Sailors began Phase III where they were reunited with their families, finalized their medical exams, and were provided debriefing sessions to support their return to duty.