Canadian Navy sailors arrested on drug charges in Japan

Three members of the HMCS Winnipeg crew were detained by the Tokyo police for the alleged use of narcotics while the Royal Canadian Navy ship was conducting a port visit in Tokyo, Japan.

The arrest took place February 1, but the Canadian Navy only now informed of it.

Of the arrested, one was a civilian employee while two were military members. The Tokyo police have released one military member while the other two persons were charged with use of a controlled substance.

The Navy said it would continue to work with Canadian Consular officials and Japanese authorities as may be required throughout this process.

In the same statement, the Navy said it had a zero-tolerance policy for illicit drug use and possession and that it would continue to provide support to those being held in custody, as well as to their families here in Canada.

Rear-Admiral Gilles Couturier, Commander Maritime Forces (Pacific), said: “All of our personnel, military and civilian, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit to the Navy, the Canadian Armed Forces, and our country as a whole. Our personnel are held to the highest standards of professionalism and conduct, and are subject to all Canadian laws, the Criminal Code, and the Code of Service Discipline, which is part of the National Defence Act.”

“These allegations are obviously troubling, and while it is too early to speak to the specifics of any actions or investigations at this point, I can state definitively that our response will be based on facts, and will serve to remind and reassure all who serve in the RCN that unacceptable behaviour, whatever its nature, has no place within our ranks.”

The Navy did not specify what type of drug the sailors were caught with.

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