Elbit Systems launches new unmanned surface vessel

Israel-based defense and homeland security company, Elbit Systems, has introduced a new unmanned vessel platform.

The Seagull is a 12-meter modular, multi-mission Unmanned Surface Vessel(USV) system with replaceable mission modules and two vessels capable of being operated and controlled in concert using a single Mission Control System (MCS), from manned ships or from the shore.

The system provides unmanned end-to-end mine hunting operation taking the man out of the mine field. It is equipped to search the entire water volume and operate underwater vehicles to identify and neutralize mines.

Elbit Systems said the Seagull empowers a surface vessel or naval base commander with off-board, available and rapidly deployable Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capabilities to protect critical sea areas and high-value assets from submarine as well as sea mine threats.

The sailing suite includes a patented Autonomous Navigation System (ANS), with obstacle avoidance, which considers the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea.

According to Elbit Systems, the Seagull features inherent C4I capabilities and can remain at sea for over 96 hours.