US Navy rescues fishermen off Virginia, USA coast

The U.S. Navy dock landing ship USS Carter Hall (LSD 50) rescued three fishermen off Virginia, USA, after responding to a distress call on February 15.

It was late afternoon and the crew of the the Norfolk-based Carter Hall was conducting training and qualification operations in the Atlantic Ocean when they received a bridge-to-bridge mayday call.

Two fishing vessels were sinking, and a group of fishermen needed help.

Carter Hall quickly responded and steamed toward their location, about 60 miles off the coast of Virginia.

As the sun began to set, the Sailors aboard Carter Hall could see a flare sent by the motor fishing vessels (MFV). The ships, ‘Miss Kaylee’ and ‘Capt. David’, were both taking on water.

After reaching the ships, Carter Hall launched a rescue life boat and assessed the damage to the vessels. Miss Kaylee was determined to be seaworthy, but Capt. David was not.

The three-man crew of Capt. David returned to Carter Hall, and the two-man crew of Miss Kaylee chose to stay aboard their vessel until the U.S. Coast Guard arrived.

Once the fishermen arrived aboard Carter Hall, the ship remained there until a Coast Guard vessel arrived.

Carter Hall then escorted the Coast Guard ship towing Miss Kaylee to the Oregon Inlet near Nags Head, North Carolina.

Christina Dalmau, Carter Hall’s Commanding Officer Commander, said: “My crew’s performance was outstanding, and I couldn’t be more proud. We train for these types of lifesaving events frequently because assisting the distressed is the responsibility of all vessels at sea.”

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