Saab introduces new mission system for maritime patrol aircraft

Defence and security company Saab on February 17 announced that its new Swordfish mission system was now ready to be put on two Bombardier plane versions.

The new Swordfish maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) mission system delivers strategic multi-role capabilities. According to Saab, their product was suitable for long-duration patrol or search-and-rescue missions, but could also handle anti-submarine and anti-surface unit warfare tasks.

Saab picked Bombardier’s Q400 turboprop and Global 6000 jet “for their high levels of reliability and performance” as the company said.

The Swordfish mission system combines already operational COTS sensors from several suppliers, with Saab’s own electronic warfare and C4I mission management systems. The integrated sensor package is displayed on interchangeable work stations with an intelligent degree of automation and system support.

Jonas Hjelm, Head of Saab business area Support and Services, said: “We are proud to offer the cutting-edge Swordfish MPA system on a brand-new, high-performance aircraft, which can be a turboprop or a jet. Potential customers are free to select the platform that best serves their operational needs.”

Saab said their Swordfish mission suite coupled with Bombardier’s aircraft would provide operators with “multiple domain awareness, from littoral waters to the open ocean”.

The company predicts a steady trend of fixed-wing maritime aircraft opportunities in line with the continued proliferation of submarines having in mind the Asia Pacific region where more than 100 submarines are predicted to be operating by the year 2020.