Australian Navy divers practice explosive demolitions

Royal Australian Navy divers from the Clearance Diving Team conducted live explosive demolitions on land and below the water last week.

About 60 divers completed the Explosive Ordnance Disposal training, which was held to refresh their skills in the application of in-service explosive and ordnance disposal tools.

Officer in charge of the training, Petty Officer Clearance Diver Travers Smith, said it was important that all divers were competent in this core job requirement.

Smith said: “We primarily use plastic explosives with electric and non-electric detonators, fired either manually or with remote actuated firing devices. All divers, no matter whether they specialise in mine counter measures, underwater damage repair or explosive ordnance disposal, need these skills.”

“During the underwater serials, the guys had to place underwater explosive charges to simulate either neutralising a mine or underwater ordnance disposal in zero visibility – the dam was pitch black – it was basically mud.”

The officer further said that the team would head to Pittwater, near Sydney, in March, where they would work up to full mission profiles.