VIDEO: US Navy’s John P. Murtha completes builder’s trials

The U.S. Navy’s future amphibious transport dock, John P. Murtha (LPD 26) completed Builder’s Trials March 4. The ship spent four days in the Gulf of Mexico last week with Ingalls’ test and trials team operating the ship and performing more than 200 test events.

During Builder’s Trials the ship is taken underway for a series of testing and at-sea demonstrations, which ready the ship for full testing demonstrations with the U.S. Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV).

Among the highlights of the at-sea trials, LPD 26 completed a full power run, self-defense detect-to-engage exercise, evaluation of key combat and communications systems, rapid ballast/de-ballast operations, steering checks, and anchor handling demonstration.

Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Capt. Joe Tuite, said: “With the launching of LPD 27 last month and the completion of LPD 26 Builder’s Trials this week, our government/industry team has met every challenge in a busy schedule.”

“To achieve a successful trial, our team completed over 750 tests leading up this week and assessed the operability of the ship through over 240 separate events during the six-day trial. They assessed everything from lowering the stern gate to operating the anchor ensuring the future USS John P. Murtha will be combat ready.”

John P. Murtha will be the 10th ship of the LPD 17 San Antonio class to join the fleet. The ship is scheduled to be commissioned in the fall and will be homeported in San Diego.

The principal mission of LPD 17 San Antonio class ships is to deploy combat and support elements of Marine Expeditionary Units and Brigades. With the capability of transporting and debarking air cushion or conventional landing craft and augmented by helicopters or MV-22 vertical take-off and landing aircraft, these ships support amphibious assault, special operations, and expeditionary warfare missions.